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The bestseller from author E.L. James “50 shades of gray” is the first part of a trilogy that follows the adventures of a shy student Anastasia Steele.

How much this best-selling book infatuated the whole world says the about 4 million copies sold in just 4 weeks in the U.S., reaching the status of best-selling titles in the U.S. and the UK, and the interest of 45 countries that have purchased the rights to publish this title.

Unbeatable combination of intrigue, love and eroticism

When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview a young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she meets a beautiful, intelligent and a very intimidating man.

Inexperienced and innocent Anna realizes with dread that she wants this man and that, despite his mysterious restraint, wants to get close to him.

Unable to resist to Anna’s seamless beauty, brains and free spirit, Grey admits he wants her, but on his own terms.

Shocked, but also excited of Christian’s unusual erotic tastes, Anna hesitates. Despite all the outward signs of success – international business, immense wealth, affectionate family, Christian Grey is a man tortured with demons and obsessed with the need to control everything.

When the couple embarks on a bold, passionate sexual relationship, Anna discovers and explores the mysteries of Christian’s own dark desires.

Erotic, funny and very poignant, the book 50 shades of gray is a story that will engage, possess and will remain in your thoughts forever.

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