Home Remedies to Treat Eye Bags Naturally

8 Home Remedies to Treat Eye Bags Naturally

One would have to write a book if one has to write on eyes. Not only are they the most important sensorial organ of human beings, but they have also been an enhancer of beauty across the ages. Have you ever looked into your eyes in the mirror and felt depressed because your eyes seemed dull and tired? Or have you ever thought of possessing a pair of beautiful eyes when you have seen one?

Since it is an organ that is constantly at work, eyes to need rigorous care and rest. However, most people forget about it and it is only when their eye bags become puffy and swollen do they start pondering if they should have acted immediately.

Many people often go to parlors and spend hours along with a good deal of money. However, if you are too busy with your schedules and your professional life hardly allows for a trip to the parlor, then look no further. There are plenty of natural therapies recommended by experts that you can take recourse to. However, no natural remedies will work if you don’t take action immediately.

If you are to follow the given remedies here, do it the moment you feel your eyes are drooping and you are losing your old charm-

1. Coldwater, An Age-Old Remedy

There is hardly any remedy better than immediate splashing of some ice cold water on your eyes. Your eyes get puffy because the blood vessels are being overworked and cold water restores the normalcy immediately. However, this is not always a guaranteed solution, so you can add vitamin E oil in minute quantity in it and apply it for even better results.

2. Place Cold Spoons

This may sound extremely unusual but you can be assured that it works wonders. Get two spoons and cool them in the refrigerator till they are ice cold. Place them on your eyes. You can keep a set of spoons too for this purpose.

3. Egg Whites To The Rescue

Egg whites are not just good for skin and hair. Rather, they can also make your eye skin taut. Your eye bags will ruin your day even more if your eye skin becomes loose. So, create a stiff mixture of egg white by beating it up and apply it to the eye skin. Keep doing this for some days and you will see your eyes becoming younger and refreshed once again.

4. Potatoes For Your Eyes

Take a slightly refrigerated potato and slice it into two circles that can cover your eyes. Leave them like that for approximately twenty minutes. You can do the same with cucumbers too. However, cucumbers have been the traditional solution in this regard. It has been unanimously agreed recently that potato, although an unlikely one, is extremely effective too. The additional benefit that cucumber provides is that it reduces mental stress too because of its soothing effect and natural resistance to inflammation.

5. Tea Bags For Eye Bags

There is hardly a quicker solution than tea bags and it is especially effective if you have to get rid of eye bags immediately. Use cold water to get the tea bags moist and keep them in your refrigerator for a while. Lie down with these cold tea bags over your eyes. See the drastic change in half an hour. The best thing about this remedy is that tea bags are extremely easily available and almost has no hassle. It is often suggested that green tea bags are even more effective than the usual ones. It is because they contain many herbal properties that add to the efficiency of this procedure. So, if you can afford or avail green tea bags for your eyes, there is hardly anything better.

6. Drink Water, Save Eyes

The greatest problem that most people don’t realize is that they never drink enough water. Drinking necessary amount of water every day keeps your skin taut, your kidneys are healthy and your body fresh. In fact, whenever you feel slightly tired, remember if you had water regularly. Drink a glass immediately and you will immediately feel that are not out of steam yet. Moreover, the blood vessels don’t dry up too. So, your puffiness can be controlled.

7. Saltwater, A Counter-Intuitive Remedy

While it is known that heavy consumption of salt leads to puffy eyes due to increased blood pressure, you will be surprised to know that applying salt water on your eyes can actually cure it. Mix a little bit of salt into warm water and stir it until it becomes properly salty. Then, soak two cotton balls in it and apply them over your puffy eyes. Let them cool and then, repeat the process. This is another household remedy that hardly requires any special ingredient.

8. Curing Puffiness During Illness

Often, when you catch a cold or fever, your eyes become puffy because of fluid stored in the eye cavity. By clearing the sinus cavity, you can get rid of this puffiness. You have to use the same salt water solution but in a different way. Take a small pot with a big nozzle. Fill it up with the saline solution and start inhaling it through one nostril. Tilt your head in the opposite direction to the nostril and you will see water coming out of the other. Continue this till the pot becomes empty. Continue this till your nose becomes clear and you will see that your puffed eyes have been restored to normalcy too.

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