Can Petroleum Jelly Be Used as Moisturizer : The Ultimate Answer

Can Petroleum Jelly Be Used as Moisturizer : The Ultimate Answer

Can petroleum jelly be used as moisturizer ? This question sounds quite odd because petroleum products are mainly used to drive engines.

One may ask-How can it be applied on the skin? Well, you are already using one and you might have it on your desk right now!

Ever heard of Vaseline? Vaseline is a brand of petroleum jelly based products. The lip balms from Vaseline and Vaseline’s pure skin jelly are made up of petroleum jelly. Very few of us know that!

How Did It All Start?

Like most of the famous inventions, this discovery is also credited to America. The raw material for this amazing chemical was discovered in 1859 in Pennsylvania.

Earlier the raw material (paraffin-like substance) was used by the workers to apply on cuts and burns as they believed that it hastened the healing process.

The creation of petroleum jelly by refining the so-called “black rod wax” is credited to Robert Chesebrough. The process of creating petroleum has been patented long back in 1872 by Chesebrough himself.

So, for all the “Young Innovators” reading this article—— you can now only study the process and not use the exact process to start a replicated business! And Vaseline was also started by none other than Chesbrough in 1870!

With that said we would like to mention some of the uses of petroleum jelly-

We all feel the dry and rough skin at some point in time and it is very irritating. The smoothness goes out and it feels that the friction has increased.

Many lotions and cosmetic products these days use petroleum jelly as an ingredient. Its role is to provide various types of skin care and protection by minimizing friction and moisturizing the skin.

1. Petroleum Jelly Is Effective For Minor Burns

If your skin gets in contact with hot water vapor or some hot utensil and the aftermath of the event is unpleasant and your skin is burning then applying some petroleum jelly product will soothe your nerves.

2. Prevents Moisture Loss

If you are really worried about the dry skin of yours during winter then apply some petroleum jelly product to prevent skin drying.

3.  Get Rid Of Cracked Heels

No not your actual heels! Get your cracked heels to heal with the application of petroleum jellies.

4. Lip Balms Can Smoothen Out The Lips

The lip balm you have been using to get rid of dry lips contains petroleum jelly.

5. Swimmers Too Use It

It can be used by swimmers to keep themselves warm in water especially during long swims in seas or other cold water bodies.

Petroleum jelly has wide medicinal and cosmetic applications, but its use should be immediately stopped if you are getting allergies.

Generally, petroleum jelly is used for external applications and is not edible. And you should completely be aware of the best petroleum jelly brands because the refining process for different companies is different and there might be differences in the quality.

Now let us come back to our original question – Can petroleum jelly be used as a moisturizer? Well, we decided to unveil some logical reasons and facts before you so that you are better able to answer this question yourself.

1. It Creates A Barrier On The Skin

When you use petroleum jelly, it creates a preventive layer on your skin. This means that applying this jelly helps prevent any skin irritant come into direct contact with your skin. When you apply a layer of petroleum jelly, you are taking a preventive measure for your skin.

2. It Locks Moisture But Does Not Work As A Moisturizer

Yes! This is the point which basically contains the main answer to our question of whether the petroleum jelly can be used as a moisturizer. Well, when we apply Vaseline or any other brand of petroleum jelly, we feel a temporary smoothness.

But if you notice carefully, after an hour, you will feel as if you did not apply anything to your skin. This happens so because petroleum jelly is not a moisturizer. It works best when you use it with a moisturizer.

Say, that you first apply a layer of moisturizer and then cover it with a layer of Vaseline so that the moisturizer stays locked in there. In the same way, you can use it on your elbows, cracked heels and other body parts. The effect will also last longer when you will use petroleum jelly this way.

3. Classified As Non- Comedogenic

The FDA has categorized petroleum jelly as a non-comedogenic substance. Now we know that you must be wondering what is meant by comedogenic.

Well, in simple words comedogenic means causing blackheads or whiteheads. And it’s a relief to know that it petroleum jelly has been grouped as the non-comedogenic substance.

But even after that categorization, there have been reports saying that sometimes this jelly clogs pores. This is the reason why most of us apply it mostly on our heels, hands, legs, and feet but rarely over the face.

4. Not Good For Acne-Prone Skin

Though there are no proven facts that petroleum jelly is bad for acne prone skin but to be clear, numerous cases of acne prone skin have reported that petroleum jelly sometimes adds up to the problem of acne, giving rise to more breakouts or zits.

This may be because of the greasy texture and feel of this translucent jelly. You must be knowing that acne prone skin when basically oily in texture becomes, even more, worse when heavy or oily substance is applied on it. And undoubtedly, the petroleum jelly is heavy in feel and greasy to the touch.

By gauging the above points and discussion, you must have clarified few doubts about the uses and purposes of petroleum jelly.

In a nutshell, petroleum jelly serves the following purposes:

  1. Petroleum jelly provides a protective layer on your skin.
  2. SO it provides temporary smoothness to your skin.
  3. This acts as a lip balm for chapped lips.
  4.  jelly is best used on cracked feet, elbows and rough hands.
  5. It is a good option to lock moisture inside your skin but again, it cannot replace moisturizer or it cannot be used as a moisturizer!

So use the petroleum jelly for treating your rough feet, hands or lips but do not expect it to work as a moisturizer. We hope you are clear now!

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