3 Reasons Why You Should Never Eat Popcorn

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Eat Popcorn

Healthy food is often oxymoron for many, but effectively not so. There are plenty of food items which are quite tasty and yet, can keep a track of your health better than most things.

However, there are some common food items that you consume happily without knowing how disastrous their effect can be in the long run. One such food item would be the classic microwave popcorn that thousands of people consume at the office, movies, and multiplexes.

Not only is it harmful to your health but also can aggravate heart diseases if consumed regularly in copious amounts.

The biggest problem of such food items is that they can be quickly prepared and they help to fill you up easily. So, if you don’t have the time to eat, then it is the thing to have.

But, if you don’t give time to your health, then it is you who is going to suffer in the end. There are plenty of reasons why you should stop having microwave popcorn altogether.

1. The Container is Carcinogenic

No, you have read it right, it is. The plastic bag in which microwaved popcorn is served is a specific acid of organic fluorine which is extremely toxic.

If you keep having the popcorns regularly from this bag, you will have harmful deposition of this toxic material in your body which can end up causing the serious cancerous condition. In fact, so much so, it can also lead to infertility if attention is not paid towards it.

2. The contents have a serious health issue

Most popcorn-producing companies use more or less similar ingredients standardized by the food regulation laws and hence, you will not immediately realize what is happening out there. In fact, some of these companies would say their popcorn is healthy because it does not contain certain fat-heavy materials. However, the picture is not so rosy and there are issues to consider in this case.

First of all, while they do use natural corn, there are certain GMO ingredients that are rumored to have serious health hazards.

In fact, doctors are calling for long-term tests on human bodies to understand the proper effects of these ingredients as many of them suspect these to be at the heart of certain diseases. However, all corns, as natural as they may claim to be, contain a good deal of pesticides. So, there is nothing exactly natural about them.

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Quite a few popcorn brands use trans-fat which is widely recognized as the main culprit of many cardiovascular problems.

In fact, having trans-fat regularly can end up damaging your heart so badly that you may become a frequent victim of heart attacks which obviously leads to an untimely death. In fact, the rising figure of heart diseases and heart attacks can have a direct correlation with this consumption.

Another problem that arises with almost all brands is the use of problematic, and often outdated preservatives. There are certain preservatives which are being done away in most parts of the world except here which is surely worrying.

These preservatives can upset your stomach and in the long run, contribute to breathing problems and skin rashes. Similar is the case with the common ingredient in all brands, TBHQ. It is an extremely toxic material which, when deposited in your body, can cause asthma, dermatitis, allergies and all sorts of sickening troubles.

While they do follow certain guidelines including the one given by FDA, you have to realize each helping of fast food helps in eventually storing all these harmful chemicals in your body which end up causing all sorts of problems in the end. So, not having them would be the best solution by a long margin.

3. The peril of hidden ingredients

While one can deal with things that one can see and know, it is the unknown and unseen that is more worrisome for most people.

Often, brands don’t reveal what they mix in their product and the FDA has no way to know them because they process them in such a way that no trace of it is left on the products.

For example, quite a few brands have been caught red-handed using toxic ingredients as the workers have caught onto them and they are suffering from serious diseases such as lung cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Often, it is extremely difficult to tell what chemical will lead to what kind of long-term problem because these chemicals are not often tested on a human in the long run.

So, all artificial flavors and troubling ingredients must be kept at bay for the sake of your health. Processed food is always dangerous and it is even more so when it is microwave popcorn where the danger starts from the container itself.

Hence, it is best to make one for yourself using some healthy ingredients. You are using oils and yet, you are cooking a tasty and delicious popcorn- this is truly the stuff of your dreams. Coconut oil and red palm oil are rich in vitamin and help in digestion too so use them for the preparation. Hemp seeds contain necessary fatty acids so they are a useful and tasty addition.

Moreover, it takes only five minutes to prepare this so you could easily make a bowl before going to a film and add some salt to it so that the crunchy hemp seeds get even a tastier boost. Try one for yourself the next day and see if it works wonderfully for you too.