7 Skincare for Women Who Commute

7 Skin Care for Women Who Commute

It is actually never too early or too late to start taking care of our health. The moment we realize that we need to take care of our health is one of the best moments of our life. Taking care of our health requires a lot of commitment and endurance from our side. Let us look at some skin care for women who commute regularly.

The diligent manner in which we take care of our physical and mental health reflects on our skin. A glowing skin is something that everyone dreams of and to maintain the skin in that way requires a lot of continuous effort. Skin care becomes an easy task when constant efforts are put in towards the same. People who commute a lot in particular needs to take excess care of their skin since commutation takes a toll on the same. Let us look at some skin care for women who commute regularly.

1. Hydration Is The Key

Living in a closed environment safeguards the skin far better than moving out to external ones. External environment throws on us various hazards like dirt, dust, and unwanted accumulations. Women commuting outside are forced to get affected by such hazards which take a toll on the skin in an unbelievable manner.

Venturing out into an external environment also makes the body feel dehydrated. Dehydration causes the skin to lose its health making it look dry and sullen. It is important that you carry a water bottle with you whenever you need to travel out. Ensure you drink enough water when you commute in particular so your body remains hydrated and your skin does not get affected due to the same.

2. Give That Extra Cleaning

As long as you stay in an internal environment, your skin is under your control. You take enough time and efforts to protect the same from all possible harms that it can experience. However, when you travel out, your skin care gets out of your hands.

The external environment takes control over the same. This makes the skin highly vulnerable to infections and inflammations. As soon as you return home to ensure you clean your skin not once but twice. You can use smooth and gentle cleansers which can both clean as well as remove bacterial accumulation from the surface of the skin.

3. Replenish The Lost Moisture

Our skin tends to lose the complete moisture content after a daylong commuting outside. The moisture content lost during the day makes it look dry and sullen. When this aspect is not properly taken care in a timely manner, your skin gets affected in the worst possible ways. It loses its glow and starts looking aged.

Replenishing the lost moisture during late evenings as soon as you return back to your abode is mandatory. Moisturize your skin gently massaging it. This will replenish the lost moisture making it shine and glow.

4. Sunscreen Is Skin Screen

Commutation always need not be in a cool place. You may have to travel in the hot sun. Ensure you apply sunscreen serums and lotions on your skin whenever you venture out in the hot sun.

Sunscreen lotions help safeguard the texture of the skin in the best possible manner. Such serums protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. Choose the sunscreen that most suits your skin type by ascertaining the same through trials on your forearm or wrist areas.

5. Anti-Pollution Serums

One of the main issues faced by girls commuting out is the dust and grime that stick to their skin due to the excessive pollution in the environment. Right from Vehicle smoke to cigarette smoke, everything in the external environment causes damage to the skin speeding up the aging process.

Anti-pollution Mists and Serums are available in the beauty market to safeguard your skin from all types of pollution. Carry these Serums with you where ever you go and get complete protection for your skin from fumes and grimes. This will give back your skin the rich texture it possesses when it stays back in a safe internal environment.

6. Ooze Out The Oil

The high levels of stress we experience traveling in public transport systems and traffic filled roads make the sebaceous glands produce excess levels of oils. This causes pimples on the surface of our skin. When left unattended to, the repeated oiliness our skin experiences results in the production of Acne.

Carry mildly scented gentle-on-the-skin wipes with you every time you commute. This will help you clean your skin in fixed periodicity so oil accumulation is less at all points of time.

Once you are back home, clean your skin with a homemade cleanser like Yogurt with honey or Lemon juice. Mix a few drops of Almond oil with Jojoba Oil and apply on the skin in circular motions. Do this simple massage on your skin for 5 to 7 minutes.

Clean with lukewarm water. Pat your skin dry with a clean cloth. Apply good quality night cream before going to bed.

7. Diet Matters The Most

If you are one among the girls who commute frequently, ensure that your food intake is a healthy one. Add as much vegetable and fruits to your diet as possible. Consume food items that are rich in fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids.

You can even consider having fruits in your bag to consume during your free time while commuting. This will keep your skin hydrated helping it to retain the moisture it loses during commutation. Having a balanced replenishing diet will also help your skin to regain the energy is lost due to commutation.

Many women among us spend most numbers of hours traveling. They commute for personal as well as official purposes. The demands laid on them from the personal and official front makes it a huge challenge for them to take enough care of their skin.

Failure to take regular care of the skin may spoil the same to a great extent. Follow the tips given above and safeguard your skin from getting affected due to dust and dirt in the environment.


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