10 Superfoods You Can Find in Your Kitchen

10 Superfoods You Can Find in Your Kitchen

Find magic in your kitchen

People know that different food groups are meant for meeting the daily needs of the body. But did you know, that the wonders in your kitchen work like magic when you are suffering from stomach upset, hiccups, rashes or even dandruff? Obviously, you need to consult a doctor when things get worse; still, you can manage the small health issues that occur within your family with the things that are available in your kitchen.

So check out 10 Superfoods You Can Find in Your Kitchen

1. Ginger

If you are suffering from cramps during your menstrual period, you should thank ginger to come to your rescue. The Chinese have depended on the magical effect of ginger for over 2,000 years. Experts state that ginger can develop blood flow while reducing muscle inflammation.

Ginger also is thought to reduce the cramps that occur in the uterus. Recent studies have also revealed that ginger is capable of pain suffered by women during the menstrual period. If you want to make your period bearable, try consuming a cup of ginger tea.

2. Cranberry

Cranberries are known to contain proanthocyanidins, which is known to combat urinary infections caused by bacteria. Specialists recommend cranberry consumption as they are known to fight off e.coli, a bacterium that is known to be the significant germ behind urinary infections.

Cranberries prevent such infection by keeping the bacteria far from getting attached to the walls of the bladder. Studies show that about 20% of women who already have had this disease are likely to face another one, so if they drink cranberry juice every day, it shall help them prevent the infection from spreading further.

3. Milk

Milk really works great when you are looking for something that improves your complexion and at the same time work on your bones and teeth. Experts are of the suggestion that milk contains calcium, which is known to protect your bones and teeth simultaneously.

Milk is beneficial to your complexion and is known to help people in combating dandruff and hair fall problems. Therefore, at least a glass of milk daily shall be enough in helping you to rise and shine.

4. Almonds

Almonds are a storehouse of calcium too, which implies that it shall help in resisting yourself from getting prone to pre-menstrual symptoms. 85 per cent of women are likely to be prone to show at least one symptom of PMS once a month.

Studies have shown that women who have lower levels of calcium in their blood are prone to show signs of exhibiting pre-menstrual symptoms. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should have about 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day.

5. Oatmeal

Eczema is yet another skin infection but can make you go quite irritable. Here is when oatmeal from your kitchen comes to your rescue. Readily available in the kitchen, you can use oatmeal to get rid of those itchy rashes on your skin.

Oatmeal has got a generous level of phytochemicals that are known to have enhanced properties of anti-inflammation. Create a soothing paste of ground plain oatmeal with lukewarm water and stir it until it is of milky colour. Apply directly onto your skin and leave it for about 10 minutes.

6. Sea salt

Skincare products do not always have to be too expensive. You can even exfoliate your skin using a thick paste of sea salt and water. Just make sure that the paste is not too runny. Sea salt is coarse in texture, which makes it ideal for scrubbing off dry skin from your body.

7. Cucumbers

This age-old trick really works. Cucumbers, which are made up of 95% of water, are really great for your eyes. The cold temperature soothes the blood vessels of the eyes really fast and thereby reduces inflammation. Experts recommend leaving the cucumber slice for 10 minutes to ensure that you have fresher looking eyes.

8. Apples

Instead of going for foods like soda or beef, try foods that would not fiddle with the health of your stomach. Even if you are eating something fried, keep in your mind that consuming apples shall be helpful in getting rid of heartburns.

The fruit is known to have pectin, which is a soluble fibre that absorbs stomach acid really fast. Apple also contains malic acid and tartaric acid that help in resisting the juices that flow up the stomach. You should look out for sweet red or golden apples. Sweet apples are alkaline foods that keep your pH balance and prevent GERD.

9. Prunes

Prunes are one of the many fruits, who are known to reduce chances of constipation. According to health professionals, the fibre it contains is not capable of dissolving in water, which creates bulk and pushes away waste effectively.

Prunes contain sorbitol and di-hydro-phenyl satin, which are known to work wonders for your digestive system than the ones that are available in the pharmacy in your neighbourhood. These laxatives, however, may cause your body to get desensitised as time progresses. Experts recommend that you start with a prune a day and eventually increase the intake as needed.

10. Turmeric

Highly regarded as the holy powder in Indian households, turmeric can be used in a certain number of medications. This spice is used widely as an antiseptic to treat wounds. Turmeric is comprised of curcumin, which is famous for having antioxidants and anti-inflammatory particles that can make your wounds heal better.

The curcumin also helps in preventing the multiplication of bacteria. This can only heal superficial wounds. Bleeding can be stopped with sprinkling turmeric powder. Cover the wound with a bandage and let it heal by itself.