10 Home Treatment For Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a common health hazard in the present times. Moreover, it is not always possible to abide by all the restrictions that your doctor recommends to ward off the attacks of the disease. Here we suggest 10 home treatment for diabetes mellitus.

When people get diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, it is important to note that the most common symptoms of the disease are noticed. These are an increased rate of urination, excessive thirst, weight loss, fatigue. Diabetes also causes your injuries to be unable to get healed fast.

People once diagnosed with diabetes mellitus cannot hope for it to get cured entirely.

However, you can still bring it under control. First of all, you should always try to follow are the prescriptions of your doctor. This should be supported by the process of including specific food items in your diet so that they can help you in reducing the level of glucose in your blood. Some of these food items that are effective in keeping the blood sugar at healthy levels are listed down below:

1. Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

A powerhouse of Vitamin C, Amla is known to accelerate the functionality of the pancreas. Take out the seeds of 2 or 3 amlas, and grind the fruits into a fine paste. Extract the juice out from this paste and mix two spoons of the juice with water and drink it up. Drink this once daily, on an empty stomach.

2. Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd has an extremely miraculous effect on diabetes mellitus. Some people also call this vegetable as bitter melon. This works on the metabolism of glucose all over the body, which is unlike some other fruits and vegetables that generally work on some particular parts of our body. It assists in a triggered flow of insulin secretion from the pancreas as well as prevents resistance from insulin.

Try including a dish made from bitter gourd daily in your diet. You can also drink one cup of bitter gourd juice every morning on an empty stomach minus the seeds.

3. Cinnamon

When you take cinnamon in powdered form with some water, it raises the chances of lowering glucose levels in your blood. The bioactive ingredients in the spice help fight diabetes Mellitus. Take some powder of this spice and mix it up with lukewarm water on a daily basis. Your blood sugar levels are bound to go down. You can also boil 2-4 cinnamon sticks in water and steep it for about twenty minutes. Cinnamon can also be blended with tea or coffee and even with something you want to bake or cook.

4. Indian BlackBerry

This is a plant, every part of which, including the fruit, leaves along with the berries is very efficient in controlling diabetes. Black plum or Jamun as it is also called controls the levels of blood sugar. It contains ellagic acid, hydrolyzable tannins, and anthocyanins.

Also, jamuns have a happy way of not only lowering the sugar levels in the blood, but it is also known to be effective in reducing the levels from urine. This is, therefore, a treat to your inflamed pancreas. You can eat the fruits as they are or can have the grounded seeds of the fruits with lukewarm water daily.

5. Mango Leaves

Yes, mango leaves. Not the old ones though. We are talking about the tender leaves of the mango trees, which are very efficient in working on your blood sugar levels and reducing them significantly. Drink the filtered water that you kept overnight with wet leaves. Or else, you can also eat half a spoon of mango leaf powder twice daily.

6. Fenugreek

This herb is also known to have excellent diabetes combating values. Soak two spoonfuls of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water and drink the whole thing up the next morning. This is to be done on a regular basis for a few months at a go. You can also have it with milk.

7. Curry leaves

Rich in anti-diabetic properties, curry leaves are effective in lowering the blood sugar levels in your blood. Try chewing around ten curry leaves in the morning every day for 3-4 months. You can also include it in your dishes.

8. Aloe Vera

Mix grounded half spoonful of bay leaves and turmeric with one spoonful of aloe vera gel and had it twice on a regular basis.

9. Okra

Rich in polyphenolic molecules, okra or ladies finger is proved to be beneficial to patients who have diabetes. The seeds of this vegetable along with its skin are considered to be a significant compound that helps to control high levels of sugar in the blood. This is because the vegetable has antihyperlipidemic potential. Try to eat okra daily during meals or else soak them in water overnight and drink the water.

10. Guava

Guava is known to have high levels of vitamin C and fiber and hence can be considered safe to consume by the patients suffering from diabetes mellitus. Limited consumption of this fruit without the peel can help a patient in lowering blood sugar levels and lead a healthy life, which shall be free from anxiety.

Therefore, you can keep away the bugging of diabetes mellitus if you consume these incredible substances. Nevertheless, you should also take care to maintain a routine of daily exercise so that you can ward off worries related to diabetes more strongly!